About Us


We've built the Queen Bee Café to serve our neighbors with savory and sweet goodness while doing good. This café is built to nurture human connections over a cup of coffee that we believe will result in social impact big and small.

The Queen Bee is dedicated to all strong, resourceful mothers and nurturing women. The owner, Dwayne Clark’s admiration for his mother, Colleen Clark, was the inspiration to build a café in her memory. Colleen was a single mother of British roots who provided for her family as a hard-working line cook.

Her skills as a mother mirrored her skills in the kitchen. Colleen kneaded into her son the self confidence that he could do anything, sifted that together with a generosity of spirit, tempered that with a sense of humor, and added a dash of flamboyance to spice up life.

She is the original Queen Bee.

Whether your taste buds crave savory or sweet, Queen Bee offers traditional English crumpet (also called a griddle cake) in a new way with locally sourced products and produce in tasty combinations along with a cup of delicious coffee and espresso made from the world’s top 2% of coffee growers on four continents.

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